Elected Officers for 2021
By President Dale Lacey Jr.
December 17, 2020

Congratulations to our newly elected officers for the year 2021! The date and method of our installation of officers is still TBD.

Executive Officers:

President: Dale Lacey Jr.
Vice President: Amy Emerson-Ramsey
Secretary: Diane Mangel
Asst. Secretary: Faith Roache
Treasurer: Joyce Downs
Assistant Treasurer: Michele Estep
Engineer: Patrick Nasr
Training: Nick Rawlings

Operational Officers:

Chief: Marie Lager-Kurtz
Assistant Chief: Charles Ramsey
Captain: Scott Dorsey
1st LT: Tyler McAuley
2nd LT: Dana Montfort
3rd LT: Becca Bradford
Sergeant: Edwin Howell
BOD: Cristie Daymude & Dr. John Roache

We look forward to another fantastic year!