Throwback Thursday!
By The Cadets
September 12, 2018

This is the 52’ Cadillac. It was the first ambulance we used when the rescue squad was founded in 1959. It was originally sold for $9,000 brand new but we bought it used, this ambulance was not very big and could only hold up to 3 people at a time. It was not fully made to transport people to the hospital but to instead transport EMTs to the scene. At the time many of them were only trained with basic first aid. It went on 66 calls, which were for that year. It was used for 30 years.

The differences between this unit and our new ambulances are that they are much bigger. The apparatus that we have now can hold much more equipment. Our box can also transport patients to the hospital and is pretty much a hospital on wheels. Lastly, the 52’ Cadillac was a big part of our department being the first ambulance for us to use as we became a new Rescue Squad.

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