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2013 Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Auxiliary Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers

By: Member Linda Talton,
Date: February 21, 2014

The annual Awards Banquet and Installation of Officers for Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad and Auxiliary was held February 15, 2013, at Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department. Master of Ceremonies was The Honorable Judge Marvin Kaminetz.

The banquet centered around a Hawaiian theme.

Tributes were given for Charter Member Stanley Williams, Sr. and Auxiliary Charter Member Doris "Jeanne" Gatton.

Installation of officers was officiated by Joanie Williams, Clerk of the Circuit Court. Elected Executive Officers for 2014: President John Roache, Vice President James Breeden, Secretary Diane Mangel, Treasurer Joyce Downs, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Erin Burch

Elected Line Officers for 2014: Chief Jessica Vallandingham, Assistant Chief Faith Roache, 1st Lieutenant Amanda Ferguson, 2nd Lieutenant Heather Russell, 3rd Lieutenant Catie Bonner

Other Elected Officers for 2014: Engineer Harry Finch, Training Officer Mark Murdock

Elected Board of Directors (3 year term beginning in 2014): Ronald Talton, James Breeden, William Smith

MVRS President Kathy Suite presented the "President's Award" to Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Erin Burch for outstanding work in her position.

MVRS Chief Jessica Vallandingham presented awards for the following:

Top Ten Runners for 2013: 1st Place Ronnie Talton with 946 calls; 2nd Place Faith Roache with 517 calls; 3rd Place McKenna Fischer with 436 calls; 4th Place Joseph (Todd) Rawlings with 326 calls; 5th Place Carl Pyles with 325 calls; 6th Place Jessica Vallandingham with 307 calls; 7th Place Marie Kurtz with 301 calls; Linda Talton 8th Place with 298 calls; 9th Place Diane Mangel with 283 calls; 10th Place James "Andy" Fretwell with 228 calls.

Top Ten Drivers for 2013: 1st Place Ronnie Talton with 671 calls; 2nd Place Marie Kurtz with 118 calls; 3rd Place Ryan Myers with 94 calls; 4th Place Casey Susany with 78 calls; 5th Place Kathy Suite with 66 calls; 6th Place Dale Pilkerton, Jr. with 65 calls, 7th Place Faith Roache with 54 calls; 8th Place David Nicholson with 52 calls; 9th Place Cody Sir with 52 calls; 10th Place Robert Kenney with 48 calls.

"Squad Member of the Year" was presented to Ronnie Talton. The "Squad Member of the Year" award is nominated and selected by a majority vote of squad members for exceptional service.

The "Chief's Award" was presented to Training Officer Mark Murdock for outstanding work in his position.

"Rookie of the Year" was presented to Heather Raley for her hard work and dedicated service.

Ryan Myers received a special thank you from Chief Vallandingham for his helpfulness.

Crew members: EMT/IVT Andy Fretwell; EMT/IVT Casey Susany; EMR Todd Rawlings and Student Tyler McAuley were recognized for delivering a baby on a emergency call.

Dispatcher/2nd Lieutentant Amanda Ferguson was acknowledged for assisting a citizen in successfully delivering a baby on a 911 dispatch call.

Two ambulance crews received "CPR Save" recognition that was selected by St. Mary's County Medical Director Dr. Michael Somers. Recipient crew members were: EMTP/IVT Nick Harrison; EMT/IVT Kenny French; and Driver/EMR Ronnie Talton for one "CPR Save" call. The second "CPR Save" call included crew members: EMTP/IVT Chief Jessica Vallandingham; Driver/EMT Allen Bryant; Heather Raley and Tyler McAuley.

An award for "Life Saving Efforts" also chosen by Dr. Michael Somers for dispatch on a gunshot wound was presented to crew members: EMTP/IVT/Chief Jessica Vallandingham; EMR Todd Rawlings and EMR/Driver Ronnie Talton.

Another award for an "Exceptonal Call" again recognized by Dr. Somers for a motor vehicle accident that involved a pediatric trauma patient with agonal respirations was awarded to: EMTP/IVT Chief Jessica Vallandingham; EMT/IVT Casey Susany; EMT/IVT Kenny French.

Auxiliary President Sue Wood expressed appreciation to her husband Michael; auxiliary members Louise Morgan and Susannah Fowler; Faith Roache was recognized for 15 years of service and squad members Ronnie and Linda Talton for their help and service in the MVRS Auxiliary's fundraising activities.

President Wood also presented a $50,000.00 donation to Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad and $500.00 donation to Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department. It was noted that the Auxiliary has donated over $1,250,000.00 to Mechanicsville Rescue Squad to date. In addition, St. Mary's County Lions Club presented a $2,500.00 donation and St. Mary's County Optimist Club donated $1,500.00 to the squad.

Kenny French; Ashley Brumm; Crystal Hoover; Ryan Myers; Nick Harrison; Casey Susany; and Ronnie and LindaTalton were recognized for 1 year of service to the squad.

Heather Jacobs; Rick and Sue Fenwick; and Jennifer Hunt were recognized for five years of service to the squad, and Karen Buckler and Amanda Bruner were acknowledged for 10 years.

Presentations were made by special guests Maryland State Senator Roy P. Dyson, Maryland Delegate John F, Wood, Jr. and St. Mary's County Commissioners: President Francis Jack Russell, Lawrence D. Jarboe, Cindy L. Jones, Daniel L. Morris, Todd B. Morgan to Treasurer Joyce Downs for 40 years of service; "Rocky" Peter Woodburn for 40 years of service; and Engineer Harry Finch for 15 years of service to Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Thanks to Rita B Catering, DJ Chris, Photographer Tommy Wright and IT Ron Spalding who created a great slide show of the year.

Maryland Senator Roy Dyson recognizing Joyce Downs and Rocky Woodburn with 40 years of service and Harry Finch with 15 years of service at MVRS. (Click on picture to view pictures of Banquet)

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